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Andy Hardy

Interactive Audio
. Blues Rock Tune
. BYCU Lesson 7 40 BPM APH
. BYCU Slow Swinging APH
. Delta Mood APH 50
. Delta Mood APH 50 With Blues Harp
. DSS Slow APH
. DSS Slow APH
. DSW 5-19-05
. KC 1-3-05
. KC 100 BPM 1st Solo
. KC 104 BPM 1st Part
. KC 1st Solo 90 BPM
. KC 2nd Solo 90 BPM
. KC 80 1st Half
. KC 80 2nd Part
. KC 90 Rough
. KC Full
. KC Guitar 1st 12
. KC Rough
. KF 7-21-05
. KF 9-7
. LIV 1-5-05 Rough
. LIV 10-10 Rough
. LSP 6-18 Rough
. Texas Rock
. True Blue
. TSIC 1-4-05
. TSIC No Drums


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by Joe Deloro

Beyond The I-IV-V: How Duke Robillard Makes 12-Bar Blues Jump & Swing, Pt 1
by Andy Ellis

Swamp Music: Solo Guitar, Muddy Waters Style
by Keith Wyatt

The Art Of The Drone: Chords
by Reeves Gabrels

Power Picking: Supercharge Your Flatpicking With Classic Celtic Tunes
by Andy Ellis

Silent Night
by Acoustic Guitar Workshop

15 Days To Better Chops, Part 1
by Matt Blackett

Fat Sounds: New Orleans Style
by Keith Wyatt

Over The Top (Wild Stringdom/Edward Van Halen)
by Andy Aledort

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KC 90 Rough
by Andy Hardy

Category: Blues

Description: KC 2nd Solo

Length: 2MB; File Size: 2033KB

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