David Blacker

Interactive Video
. Lone Wolf Blues (Disc + Download)
. Lone Wolf Blues (Instant Download)
. West Coast Blues (Disc + Download)
. West Coast Blues (Instant Download)

Interactive Audio
. 10 Essential Jump Blues Licks
. 10 Fat Country & Bluegrass Licks Part 1
. 10 Fat Country & Bluegrass Licks Part 2
. 10 Jump Blues Solos Transcribed
. Albert King To Stevie Ray - Hot Bends
. Chuck Berry And Beyond
. Delta Blues Essentials
. Django Reinhardt's - Sweet Gypsy Blues
. Django Reinhardt's Gypsy Swing
. Hollywood Fats - Swingin' Horn Lines
. Mastering The BB King Blues Box
. Minor Blues - Django Style
. Ronnie Earl's - Electric Delta Blues
. Slow Blues In G (Jam Track)
. Stevie Ray Vaughan's - Stingin' Texas Shuffle
. Texas Blues Essentials
. Texas Blues Essentials

. West Coast Blues Workshop


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David Blacker

David Blacker is a freelance composer, producer, and guitar instructor, based in Melbourne Beach, FL & NYC. His work has been featured on numerous albums, television commercials, and radio spots. His production company Blacker Music Productions produces original artists, albums, and commercial music. David is also co-founder of AirGigs.com, a new website and marketplace for online session musicians and recording engineers.

David's guitar playing and approach to music is deeply influenced by different styles of American Roots music, and the blues in particular. As a guitarist he is mostly self-taught, learning by ear, and following the roots of popular music backward to greats like Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters, Django Reinhardt, Charlie Parker and T-Bone Walker. He has also studied with one of Ornette Coleman's "Prime Time" guitarists, Chris Rosenberg. These days David is writing and performing with the bands The BlackTails & Son of Strays.


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