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. Acoustic Guru: Kaki King From Folk To Funk
. Acoustic Guru: Kaki King Transcendent Tunings
. Are You Hip
. Balloon Tones
. Blue Sixths
. Blues Guitar 101: Spicing Up The 12-Bar Form
. Blues Guru - Cool Four Against Three Sound
. Blues Guru - David Bloom: Blues For Right Now
. Blues Guru - Popa Chubby: Branching Out Of The Blues
. Blues Guru - Popa Chubby: Busking The Blues
. Blues Guru - Robben Ford: A New Shade Of Blue
. Blues Guru - Robben Ford: Five Notes Freedom
. Blues Guru - Robben Ford: Jammin' Pentatonics
. Blues Guru - Robben Ford: Simple Secrets Of The Symmetrical Scale
. Blues Guru - Robben Ford: Snappy, Sliding Double Bends Pt 1
. Blues Guru - Robben Ford: Snappy, Sliding Double Bends Pt 2
. Blues Guru - Robben Ford: Symmetrical Splashes
. Blues Guru - Robben Ford: Talking Guitar
. Bop A Billy Basics
. Chops Builder: Piano-Style Comping
. Classic Column: Pull-Offs, Breau Style
. Clone-Tone Riffs
. Double-Stop Blues
. Dr. Rhythm: Improve Your Groove
. EZ Street: Jangle Chords
. Fire And Flow Part 1
. Fire And Flow Part 2
. Fretboard Fireworks
. Guest Guru - Jeff Raines' Galactic Grooves
. Guest Guru: Adrian Legg's Gig-Stealing Bends
. Guest Guru: Alex Skolnick's Arena Jazz
. Guest Guru: Billy Nershi's Flatpicking Storm
. Guest Guru: Frank Gambale
. Guest Guru: Howard Alden's Chord Melody Secrets
. Guest Guru: Jim Campilongo
. Guest Guru: John Mooney's Bottleneck Secrets
. Guest Guru: Kurt Rosenwinkel's Colorful Chords
. Guest Guru: Robben Ford Shares A Miles Davis Lesson
. Guest Guru: Robben Ford's Universal Groove
. Hot Fingers
. Hot Guitarist Alert - Paul Runfola
. Hot Guitarist Alert - Skip Heller
. Hot Guitarist Alert - Tony V Ega
. Hot Guitarist Alert: Adam Rodgers
. Hot Guitarist Alert: Hamilton Loomis
. Hot Guitarist Alert: Libby Kirkpatrick
. Hot Guitarist Alert: Liberty Ellman
. Hot Guitarist Alert: Marcio Falchet
. Hot Guitarist Alert: Melle Vasquez
. Hot Guitarist Alert: Milan Miller
. Hot Guitarist Alert! - Jake Cinninger
. House Of Pain
. How Not To Suck: Big, Bulky, Clunky, Clumsy, Barre Chords
. How Not To Suck: Problem Weak Concept Of Harmony
. How Not To Suck: Wimpy Notes And Riffs
. How To Play Like: Eldon Shamblin
. How To Play Like: Jeff Watson
. How To Play Like: Jimi Hendrix
. How To Play Like: Jimmy Bryant
. Jam Guru - Jimmy Herring Secret Uses Of The Mino Pentatonic Scale
. Jam Guru - Jimmy Herring: Rethinking The Pentatonic Scale
. Jam Guru: Jimmy Herring - Get Bent
. Jazz Guru - Charlie Hunter: A Badass B3 Blues For Guitar
. Jazz Guru - Charlie Hunter: Dual Independence
. Jazz Guru - Charlie Hunter: Ferocious Finger Plucking
. Jazz Guru - Charlie Hunter: Interchangeable Fingerings
. Jazz Guru - Charlie Hunter: Superbad Funk
. Jazz Guru - Frank Vignola: Django Meets Amadeus
. Jazz Guru - John McLaughlin's: Spontaneous Improvisation
. Jazz Guru - Mike Stern: Bach To Basics
. Jazz Guru - Mike Stern: Chasin' That Burn
. Jazz Guru: Stock Options
. Jigsaw Chords
. Joe Satriani's Modal Mayhem
. Keller Williams' One Man Jam Band
. Killer Cascades: Jonny Hiland Demos The Art Of Hot Country Open-String Riffs
. Killer Comping
. Killer Comping: Kevin Eubanks Fine Art Of Accompaniment
. Lord Of The Ring
. Mass-ive Guitar
. Master Class: Black Metal Magic Tricks
. Master Class: Great Balls Of Fire
. Master Class: How To SLAP, POP, YANK, And SMACK
. Master Class: Just Desserts
. Master Class: Lord Of The Ring
. Master Class: Talking Liberties
. Master Class: Thrash-a-Billy Boot Camp Part 1
. Master Class: Thrash-a-Billy Boot Camp Part 2
. Owning The Off-Beats
. Pedal Power
. Pedal Stealin'
. Prog Guru: Steve Morse - The Magic Of Octave Harmonics
. Puttin' The Breaks On The Blues Pt. 1
. Puttin' The Breaks On The Blues Pt. 2
. Reader's Challenge: A Pentatonic Slingshot
. Reader's Challenge: Aria Hysteria
. Reader's Challenge: Barre Hopping
. Reader's Challenge: Best Of Both Worlds
. Reader's Challenge: Finnish Finish
. Reader's Challenge: Gallopalooza
. Reader's Challenge: Killer Closers
. Reader's Challenge: Newfangled Angles
. Reader's Challenge: One Scale, Two Hands
. Reader's Challenge: Primary Colors
. Reader's Challenge: Purple Hayes
. Reader's Challenge: Ring Fingers
. Reader's Challenge: Subliminal Chromaticism
. Readers Challenge
. Readers Challenge: 12-Tone Avalanche
. Readers Challenge: Downright Squirrelly
. Readers Challenge: Fun With Numbers
. Readers Challenge: II-V-I Training Wheels
. Readers Challenge: Meaner Street
. Readers Challenge: Oops Upside Your Dreadnought
. Rock Guru - Greg Kock: Mutated Train Whistle Harmonics
. Rock Guru - Steve Morse - Melodic Harmonics
. Rock Guru - Steve Morse: Harp Riffs
. Rock Guru Vibey Vibrato And Bodybuilder Bends
. Rock Guru: Greg Koch - Devilish Blues Riffs
. Rock Guru: John Petrucci - Solo-Tary Confinement
. Rock Guru: Major Breakthroughs
. Rock Guru: Steve Morse - Lowdown Melodies
. Rock Guru: Steve Morse Adjacent String Adrenaline
. Rock Guru: Steve Morse From Bach To Rock
. Rock Guru: The Devil's Interval
. Running Down A Dream: Marty Friedman
. Sacred Geometry: Simplifying The Fretboard With Pat Martino
. Screen Play: John Petrucci
. Second Helping
. Seventh Heaven: John Pizzarelli Demystifies The Art Of 7-String Jazz
. Shakin' That Thing
. Shock Rock
. Sonic Snapshot: Freddie King's Double-Stop Stumble
. Sonic Snapshot: Jerry Garcia
. Sonic Snapshot: Mike Stern's Sixteenth-Note Storms
. Sonic Snapshot: SRV's Left Hand Muting
. Steve Lukather's Vicious Triplets
. Steve Vai's Head-Cuttin' Riffs
. Supersonic Single Notes
. Tap Tempo Secrets
. That Cool Disco Chord
. The Big Bang
. The Boss Of Sauce
. The Harp
. The Randomizer
. Tips Jar Eddie Van Halen
. Triple Stacking Scales And Riffs
. Triple-Stop Bends
. Turbo Slurs
. Uber Jamming Part 1
. Uber Jamming Part 2
. Wes Montgomery's Magic Box
. Whole Tone Helper
. Woodshed: Improvising With Indian Carnatic Ragas
. Wylde At Heart


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Steve Lukather's Vicious Triplets

audio guitar lessonby Jude Gold, performed by Brad Carlton

Publisher: Guitar Player Magazine

Category: Rock, Theory/Techniques

Description: One day, while perusing the used-vinyl bins in a local record store, I decided it was time to determine which of the Tubes played the amazing lead on their hit song, “Talk to Ya Later.” As it turned out, it was none of them. I should have known by the lava-thick distortion, screaming melodicism, and frothing vibrato that it was Steve Lukather. After all, not two weeks earlier, I’d discovered he tracked the dive-bombing solo at the end of Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry.” And the more I read the liner notes of big rock and R&B albums from the ’80s and ’90s, the more Lukather’s name pops up. My next assignment? Dive headfirst into some albums by his charttopping band, Toto. While most people remember Toto’s Top 40 hit, “Rosanna,” guitar junkies know that the album version of this song features a huge bonus—a ripping Lukather solo during the fadeout jam. Ex. 1 gives you an idea of the snarling triplets he plays over funky grooves that, like “Rosanna”, have a swung sixteenth-note feel. It’s the first two pairs of bends and releases—each of which span a major third—that add teeth to this Eminor pentatonic phrase. Staying in the same rhythmic feel, but upping the melodic intrigue, Ex. 2 starts at the fourteenth position, outlining a Bm7chord over the Eminor backdrop. Cool “wrong notes” come at beat four of the only complete measure, where Lukather does his trademark chromatic sidestepping, using his 1st and 3rd fingers to shift down to the twelfth position for the final note. Have fun!

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