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The 6-2 Major Scale & Arpeggios
by Jamie Andreas

The Art Of Linking
by Don Latarski

The Bead Game
by Andy Ellis

The Big Bang
by Jude Gold

The Chromatic Mirror
by Kevin Lutke

The Diagonal Position
by Will Bernard

The Funk Stops Here
by Carmen Grillo

The Harmonic Porcupine
by Tobias Hurwitz

The Harp
by Jude Gold

The Harmonic Major Scale
by Mick Goodrick

The Low-Down On Locking Tuners: What To Buy And Why
by David Bland

The Maximum Musician
by Darrin Koltow

The Mambo King
by Guilherme Barros

The Power Of One
by John Martin

The Power Of 3 And 7
by Fred Hamilton

The Pentatonic Kaleidoscope
by Mark Small

The Power Of Five
by Rik Emmett

The Power Of Harmony
by Daniel Zimmerman

The Rhythm Method
by Adam Levy

The Romantic Hero - Bach'n'Roll !
by giulio d'agostino

The Randomizer
by Jude Gold

The Saxophone Lesson
by Adam Levy

The Spider Crawl
by Andy Ellis

by Darrin Koltow

The Wonderful World Of Oz: Jazz-Rock Wunderkind Oz Noy Shares His Full-spectrum
by Oz Noy

Cheap Blues Tricks
by Mark Stefani

Where Is One?
by Mike Keneally

Where Did Notes And Scales Come From?
by Eric Jacobs

Shock Rock
by Jude Gold

Whole Tone Helper
by Jude Gold

Chopin's Wormhole
by Joe Gore

Chops Builder: Melodic Patterns
by Adam Levy

Chops Builder: The Stretcher
by Adam Levy

Chops Builder: Piano-Style Comping
by Jude Gold

Chordless Comping: Play Kick-Ass Rhythm W/ Intervals, Part 1
by Andy Ellis

Chords 101
by Richard Gartner

Chord Melody Workout
by Darrin Koltow

Chord Melody Secrets
by Charles Chapman

Chord Tones And Skipping Strings
by Morris Acevedo

Chordless Comping: Play Kick-Ass Rhythm Using Intervals, Part 2
by Andy Ellis

Chord Colors
by Darrin Koltow

Chord Test Crib Sheet
by Andy Ellis

Shortcuts To Reading Chord Charts
by Chris Standring

Phrasing Games
by Alex Skolnick

Three-For-One Special
by Mike Hickey

Three-Way Connection
by Mark Stefani

Chromatic Crazy Part 2
by Andy Ellis

Chromatic Crazy Part 1
by Andy Ellis

Chromatic Neighbors
by Vincent Demasi

Phrygian Fantasies
by Andy Ellis

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The Harmonic Major Scale

The Harmonic Major Scale
by Mick Goodrick

Publisher: Guitar Player Magazine

Category: Jazz/Fusion, Theory/Techniques

Description: By altering just one note in an existing scale, jazzers can open whole new vistas for improvising. Mick's C Harmonic Major Scale lowers the sixth degree of the C-Major scale to A-Flat, producing a darker, haunting sound. The harmonic major scale can be useful in dealing with chromatically altered chords that are tough to solo against, as well as giving you more melodic material to use over changes. This lesson includes Power Tab and is featured on the following CD compilations: JAZZ U.

Length: 4:47; File Size: 2535KB

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