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Frank Vignola Play Alongs: Cara's Van

audio guitar lessonby Frank Vignola

Category: Acoustic, Jazz/Fusion

Description: Cara's Van In this play along we use the chord progression similar to the classic tune made famous by Ellington. This melody is in the D Harmonic minor scale. When on dominant chord, you can use the I of V7 Harmonic Minor Scale starting on the 5th step (A). For example The A7th chord is the V chord of D or in this case D minor. Playing the D Harmonic Minor Scale preferably starting on A, This is a great gypsy sounding tonal center. When playing melody concentrate on good tone and using expression such as vibrato, bend’s, pull off’s, etc. You can also experiment with playing the melody in different areas of the fingerboard. Each string has a different sound. Being able to utilize the different sounds an A note can have depending on what string you play it on is great knowledge to have when creating music. Or, you can play a harmony line by playing the note a third above or below the melody note staying within the D Harmonic Minor Scale. When playing the chords please access the simple chord chart first to play the chords in their simplest form. You can experiment with dominant flat 9 chords or diminished chords. Also dominant sharp 5 chords work well resolving to the minor 9. A7#5 to D minor 9. If you look to the Alternate Chord Chart you will notice each section has different set of chord substitutions. These are only suggestions for what you can play. We urge you to experiment with different combinations of substitutions and most importantly follow your ear. Play the inversion that sounds best to you. ARRANGEMENT: 1st Chorus - PLAY THE WRITTEN MELODY at Letter [a] OR CREATE your OWN MELODY. 2nd chorus - play along with FRANK SOLO or play chords at letter [B]. Apply some of the chords from the alternate chord chart at letter [C] 3rd Chorus - Solo at letter [D]. Come back in with melody letter [E] and play the tag ending at letter [F].

Length: 8mb; File Size: 5968KB

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