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Power Picking: Supercharge Your Flatpicking With Classic Celtic Tunes
by Andy Ellis

Bakersfield Dozen, Part 1
by Jesse Gress

Bakersfield Dozen, Part 2
by Jesse Gress

Blues Guru - Robben Ford: Five Notes Freedom
by Jude Gold

Blues Stabs
by David Hamburger

Blues Hues
by Andy Ellis

James Burton's Brawny Twang
by Joe Gore

10 Fat Country & Bluegrass Licks Part 1
by David Blacker

10 Fat Country & Bluegrass Licks Part 2
by David Blacker

Riffing With The Pack
by Andy Ellis

Riffin' With Roy Buchanan
by Dave Whitehill

Prog Guru - Steve Morse: A SwinginÂ’ Country-Metal Theme
by Steve Morse

DADGAD, Part 1
by Andy Ellis

DADGAD, Part 2
by Andy Ellis

Dangerous Double-Stops
by Steve Trovato

Fingerpicking The Gospel
by John Van Beek

Fingerstyle Fandango
by Chet Atkins

Fingerstyle Finesse
by Andy Ellis

Spaghetti Western Arpeggio
by Clint Westwood

Highlander Boogie, Part 1
by Hellecasters

Highlander Boogie, Part 3
by Hellecasters

Highlander Boogie, Part 2
by Hellecasters

Right Hand Cluck
by Hellecasters

Right Hand Man: Jimmy Olander Lesson
by Askold Buk

Nashville's A-Team
by Joe Dalton

Sonic Snapshot Chet Atkins Melodic Cascades
by Chet Atkins

Sonic Snapshot: Doc Watson
by Adam Levy

Sonic Snapshot: Albert Lee's Country-Fried Bends & Pulls
by Adam Levy

Sonic Snapshot: Freddie King's Double-Stop Stumble
by Jude Gold

David Grissom's Big Rhythm
by Andy Ellis

Navigate Riverman With 2 Guitars
by Acoustic Guitar Workshop

Train Man
by Steve Trovato

Making Scales Swing
by Barrett Tagliarino

String Bending Workout
by Andy Ellis

Junior Brown, Part 2
by Andy Ellis

Junior Brown, Part 1
by Andy Ellis

Elvis Eats Cheeseburgers
by Greg Martin

Cruisin' With Cliff
by Jesse Gress

Lick Of The Month: Fingers On Fire
by James Raimondi

Lick Of The Month: Mind Boggling Mason
by Tom Tribuno

Lick Of The Month: Pseudo Steel
by Bob Balsley

Back Sliding
by Randy Clark

Rockabilly Stretches Of Doom
by Joe Dalton

Rockabilly Jazz
by Jim Campilongo

Rockin' Country Swing
by Mike Mancil

Honky Tonk - Tele Twang & Hillbilly Soul Pt 1
by Andy Ellis

Honky Tonk Heaven
by Michael Linderoth

Honky Tonk - Tele Twang & Hillbilly Soul Pt 2
by Andy Ellis

Cool Aid: Spike Your Solos With Jerry Garcia's Trippy Approach Tones
by Andy Ellis

Cool Fake Steel
by Hellecasters

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25 Blues Licks You Must Know, Part 1

25 Blues Licks You Must Know, Part 1
by Andy Ellis

Publisher: Guitar Player Magazine

Category: Blues

Description: More than any other TrueFire lesson, this is one that everybody can use. The title says it all. Any guitarist playing contemporary music can pick up an invaluable collection of new stuff and work it into their own sound. There's nothing sacred about these licks - we're giving them to you in a solid dose so you can go crazy with them. Andy went wild, too. He got ahold of some vintage guitars and amps to best create a bluesy effect. This two-part mega-lesson contains everything from bends to vibrato to turnarounds to chromatics, double-stops and tons more. Most of the licks are tied to a particular legend, from Hendrix to T-Bone Walker. There are all kinds of feels: raw, cool, stinging, cerebral, jazzy, gutbucket, uptown, lowdown, dark, bright . . . We just can't say enough. Don't live without this one. This lesson includes Power Tab and is featured on the following CD compilations: 280 Killer GUITAR LICKS, BLUES U, 269 BLUES Licks You MUST Know

Length: 8:58; File Size: 4277KB

Download Format: audio - MP3, tablature - PDF, PTB

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