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Tribute To 'Fess
by Michael Townsend

TSIC 1-4-05
by Andy Hardy

Eric Clapton: Eric's Essential Licks
by Andy Ellis

Eric Claptons Favorite Lick
by Bluesfuze

TSIC No Drums
by Andy Hardy

Successive Bends-Getting The Right Sound
by Jamie Andreas

Punchlines: Nuno's Post-Shred Blues
by James Rotondi

Chuck Berry And Beyond
by David Blacker

Black Magic Woman (Jam Track)
by Mark Stefani

Knock On Wood: A Lesson In Classic Memphis Soul, Part 2
by Andy Ellis

Knock On Wood: A Lesson In Classic Memphis Soul, Part 1
by Andy Ellis

Track-Huntington Beach Babes
by Guitarboy

TrackOnly-Guitarboy Blues
by Guitarboy

Clockwise (Jam Track)
by Mark Stefani

Muscle Up: Part One
by Mark Stefani

Discovering DADGAD
by Andy Ellis

Quad Cascades
by John Kieselhorst

Lead Guitar 101 Bluesy Sliding Sixths
by Andy Ellis

Lead Guitar 101: Flashy Fills From The Five-Note Scale
by Andy Ellis

Lead Guitar 101: Flipped Bluesy Sixths
by Andy Ellis

Hand Me Down Blues
by Andy Ellis

Lord Of The Ring
by Jude Gold

Gold Rush
by Jesse Gress

Wild Side Slide
by Andy Ellis

Wind Talker
by Ron Koop

Go Daddy Go: 12 Classic Rockabilly Riffs
by Jesse Gress

Leadbelly's 'Po' Howard'
by John Renbourn

Freddie King: Simply Superb
by Dave Rubin

Freddie King's Texas Turnaround
by Andy Ellis

Freddie King: 'In The Open'
by Dave Rubin

Freddie Freeloader (Jam Track)
by Mark Stefani

Slide In Standard Tuning
by Arlen Roth

by Mike Mancil

Go Deep
by Keith Wyatt

Reader's Challenge: Barre Hopping
by Jude Gold

Reader's Challenge: Gallopalooza
by Jude Gold

Reader's Challenge: Glue And Grease
by Denny Larsen

Reader's Challenge: Aria Hysteria
by Jude Gold

Reader's Challenge: Finnish Finish
by Jude Gold

Reader's Challenge: Falling Dominoes
by Michael Dennis

Reader's Challenge: Newfangled Angles
by Jude Gold

Readers Challenge: Chick Magnent
by Vincent Roth

Bending Blitzkrieg, Part 1
by Andy Ellis

Bending Blitzkrieg, Part 2
by Andy Ellis

Bending The Blues
by Michael Stone

Bends Slides And Shifts
by Michael Stone

Bends, Slides And Shifts (Rolf)
by Rolf Larssen

Woodshed: The Supernatural Blues Scale
by Mike Campese

Woodshed: Badass Bends And Vicious Vibrato
by Greg Koch

Buddy Guys Elastic Blues
by Jesse Gress

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by Michael Townsend, performed by Brad Carlton

Publisher: Guitar Player Magazine

Category: Blues

Description: This "Lick of the Month" is a Michael Townsend's tribute to New Orleans piano great Professor Longhair. Translating piano phrases to guitar is sometimes tricky, but the result is a whole world of ideas that guitar players might not find on their own. Tickle them frets!

Length: 3:26; File Size: 1670KB

Download Format: audio - MP3, tablature - PDF

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