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Below is a collection of websites that we have stumbled upon in our quest for guitar greatness. We consider each of these websites a "Friend of the 'Fire" and hope you'll check them out when you have some time. The links are organized by type and appear in alphabetical order.

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Guitar Gear

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Guitar Manufacturers

  • Boss - Home of Boss pedals.
  • Buscarino - Home of Buscarino guitars.
  • Fender - Home of Fender guitars.
  • Gibson - Home of Gibson guitars.
  • Heartwoodes - Home of Heartwoodes exotic woods guitar straps.
  • Ibanez - Home of Ibanez guitars.
  • Jackson - Home of Jackson guitars.
  • Luna - Home of Luna guitars.
  • Robert Keeley - Home of Keeley pedals.
  • Schecter - Home of Schecter guitars.
  • Warmoth - Top quality guitar and bass necks and bodies.
  • Yamaha - Home of Yamaha guitars and other products.

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