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Acoustic Bluesman, Big Jazzer, Blues Jammer, Blues Styler, Blues Wizard, Deep Lead, Improviser, Jazz It Up, Pop Rock Jock, Fingerstylist, Rhythm Cat, Singer Songwriter, Theory Geek

About Learning Paths:

learning paths

TrueFire has a vast library of courses across all styles, techniques and levels but where do you start? Should you complete one particular course before starting another? What selection and sequence of courses fits your objectives best? TrueFire's Learning Paths will help answer these questions and guide your course of study.

You likely have an educational objective in mind. You might be focused on improving your rhythm guitar work, stepping up your improvisational skills, becoming a jazz pro, perfecting your fingerstyle chops, enhancing your songwriting, or just developing the kind of chops that will turn heads at the local blues jam. Whatever your objective happens to be; TrueFire's Learning Paths will guide you there.

Start by finding a Learning Path that best matches your objectives. Once you've chosen your Learning Path, follow the selection and sequence of the courses mapped out within the path. The courses designated as "Essential" are critical to achieving the objective of that path. The "Electives" will expand on or extend a particular educational aspect of the path.

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