Reinier Voet's 50 Gypsy Jazz Licks

You simply can’t listen, study or play Gypsy Jazz guitar without thinking or musically referencing Django Reinhardt. The artist and the style are absolutely synonymous, which in itself is unprecedented. Dig deeper and you’ll discover that Django, the son of gypsy parents in Belgium, never attended a day of school and could barely write his own name. He also lost the use of two fingers on his left hand in a fire at the age of 18. Yet, Django went on to become one of history’s most influential jazz guitarists and improvisers before his untimely passing in 1953.

Reinier Voet’s 50 Gypsy Jazz Licks You MUST Know is so much more than a hand-picked collection of versatile and essential gypsy jazz lines and phrases — its also a an homage to the man who innovated a timeless vocabulary that guitar players will still be quoting a thousand years from today.

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guitar courseGypsy Jazz is very much alive today. Stochelo Rosenberg, Jimmy Rosenberg, Fapy Lafertin, Biréli Lagrène, Boulou Ferré, Häns’che Weiss, Angelo Debarre, Wawau Adler, Joscho Stephan, John Jorgenson, Frank Vignola and many, many other giants of guitar perform and celebrate gypsy jazz to the delight of their audiences.

In the traditional gypsy culture, the musical skills and knowledge were handed down from master to student face-to-face. The master plays and the student emulates what he hears and sees. Joe Pass, Rene Tomas, Les Paul, Philippe Catherine, Charlie Christian, Jim Hall and so many other players will readily fess up to copping more than a few licks from the great Django. In similar fashion (but with the aid of tab, notation and interactive video), Reinier will pass on the rhythms, lines and techniques that he himself learned from the masters that he has studied over the years.

While most of the phrases in this collection reference Django’s influence directly, there are also phrases inspired by other gypsy jazz masters such as Matelot Ferret, Häns’che Weiss and Boulou Ferré to name a few.

All of the licks are presented over a rhythm track so that you can hear and practice them in a musical context. Each performance is then followed by a detailed breakdown of the line along with the techniques being employed to perform it. Everything is tabbed and notated, plus you get all of the rhythm tracks used in the performances to practice the lines with on your own.

Reinier Voet’s 50 Gypsy Jazz Licks You MUST Know will load your bag with enough gypsy jazz firepower to get you squarely in the game. Click now, shed heavily and join the gypsy jazz revival!

About Your Instructor

Reinier Voet

educatorReinier Voet studied jazz guitar at the Conservatory in The Hague (The Netherlands) and has always been drawn to the Gypsy Jazz approach to playing guitar: Jazz Manouche. After a distinguished career in Music Theatre, he specialized in this exciting, melodramatic and romantic guitar style that was 'invented' by Django Reinhardt.

As a succesful guitarist and band leader he has taught Gypsy Jazz guitar for over three decades and is a highly respected internationally acclaimed workshop leader, touring all over the globe. 

He played with legendary guitarist Jimmy Rosenberg for two years and toured as a band member of Fapy Lafertin's ocherstra throughout Europe.

He has brought his extensive knowledge and experience in Gypsy Jazz to many other settings that have a distinctive European flavor, like the Klemzer band of klarinettist Marcel Salomon and 'Balkan' oriented bands like 'Hora Colora'.

 All this runs parallel to his touring with 'Reinier Voet & Pigalle44', headlining many Jazz festivals in Europe and the US.
 He has recorded six albums to date with his band and he's also worked as sideman on dozens of recordings. An inspiration to a generation!

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    - 50 Video Lessons
  3. Conclusion

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