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    Default Tapatalk Arrives At Truefire!

    If you're like me you're trying to keep up with technology & all the cool gadgets & apps available on both Android & iOS. Tapatalk is one such app. It's available in both the Android Market and the Apple AppStore. It allows you to keep up with all the forums you are registered on. Many forums are available on Tapatalk in many different subject areas. Just search for the forum & log in. If your favorite forum isn't listed with Tapatalk request it to the forum I did here at Truefire.

    Here is the link:

    And here is a screenshot of the Truefire forum:

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    Tapatalk is a forum app on the iPhone, Android, webOS, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry. Tapatalk Forum App provides super fast on-the-go forum access to majority of the discussion forums that has activated the Tapatalk plugin.

    Showing New and Unread Thread with Avatar and Number of reply:

    Images in the thread are converted to thumbnail and allow full-screen viewing

    Ability to see Who's Online and what they are doing:

    Ability to search by topics and posts:

    Ability to upload images directly from Android and iPhone!:

    Forum Moderation support:

    Check out for more information!
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    Tapatalk is awesome. I'll be posting more now. For better or worse ;)
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    I've bought the program/app. Seems okay so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gadlaw View Post
    I've bought the program/app. Seems okay so far.
    You'll really appreciate it when you're on the go and/or if you are on a lot of forums...I have about 10 or so forums I go to and Tapatalk allows me to check them all without having to go to all the sites...
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