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    Default Howard Morgen RIP

    Sad to say but Howard Morgen has passed away. His TF course was a very popular course around here. He had been dealing with bad health for some time.

    RIP Howard. He will be missed.

    From his website:
    Howard Morgen, six and seven-string guitarist/clinician and arranger has written fingerstyle jazz guitar columns and arrangements for Guitar Player, Guitar World, Acoustic Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar and is currently a columnist for Just Jazz Guitar magazine. In addition, Howard is the author of The Gershwin Collection for Solo Guitar, The Ellington Collection for Solo Guitar, Ten from Guitar Player, Solo Guitar Insights, Fingerstyle Favorites, Concepts, Preparations (Warner Bros.), Paul Simon for Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar (Amsco Pub.), and Fingerstyle Jazz Images for Christmas (Mel-Bay). His solo CD Howard Morgen plays Gershwin has won critical acclaim. He has been a guest artist/teacher during Jazz Week at the National Guitar Summer Workshop in Connecticut (1995-1997) and was on the faculty of the Guitar Study Center of the New School in Manhattan and the Jazz Studies Program at C.W.Post Campus, Long Island University.

    Among Howard’s students over recent years are singer-songwriter Paul Simon, Edie Brickel, Carly Simon, Christine Lavin. His bio is included in Maurice Summerfield’s The Jazz Guitar, Its Players and Personalities Since 1900.
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    Stay tuned


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    It is my first post in here.

    Howard's course was one of the first course I bought on TF and every time I see his videos I can see non only a great teacher, a great musician but a great human person.

    I got also the chance to exchange some emails with him and his love for music was second only to his love for sharing his knowledge with anybody else.

    I am very sad for this news.

    I will miss you.


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    AWWW! That is so dad to hear! I did a blog on his course (see my sig)...He seemed like a sweet man & he knew how to teach! He will be greatly missed!
    My Course Blogs
    Fingerboard Break Through by Howard Morgen

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    What can I say? Everyone here loved and respected Howard Morgen, because we all realized his excellent Fingerboard Breakthrough was a labour of love. He wanted to give 'that course' to the students all over the world, and he chose Truefire.
    And even though he was ill he wanted to receive feedback and all questions. And he continued playing and arranging.

    He will be missed.
    Farewell Master.
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    What a shame, I really loved his teaching style....RIP our friend.

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    Rest In Peace, Howard!!
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    Cool The world is not as good a place

    as it was when he was with us here. I am so saddened by this loss.
    Proverbs 17:22 says "A cheerful heart is good medicine..." So I could be overdosing. Alumnus of Jeff Beasley's Shred Warehouse Classroom; Steve Lasner's Bar Room Blues Workshop; & Les Wise's Fretboard Freedom Fighter Workshop. I'm fairly certain I forever will be simply a guitar student.

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    Oh no, what sad news!

    He did seem like a nice guy who just loved to teach (and was very good at it)

    I know what TF course I will be working with this weekend....

    RIP Howard

    'Retired' Truefire Swat team member

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    For anyone interested I found Howard's Book on Amazon by accident...Even the reviews of his book are glowing! (This is the Kindle Edition....but I'm sure there is a print copy in the Amazon store...
    My Course Blogs
    Fingerboard Break Through by Howard Morgen

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