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    Just discovered this guy on the 'tube. I need to practice more...

    One of my favourite pieces of music...

    This is awesome too...

    I'm not really practicing fingerstyle at the moment but when I do this is what I'll be aiming for...

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    Those are both awesome pieces, very inspiring and somewhat different. I rarely use a capo (I don't even know where one is at the moment) but I am going to get a classical one for the "New World Flamenco" course. I think this person is using a Schubb capo. I thought it was interesting in that first video how he only capo'd 5 strings, using the low E as a bas drone but still at different points actually played behind the capo...very cool. It's a long piece to memorize but I think only a few challenging parts for a more advanced intermediate player. Very nice!

    The second one, "Dark Star," man that is an extended constant picking pattern going on. That is a stamina piece for sure. Liked the first one better but both are nice finds. Do you have the music to either of these?

    Thanks for posting by the way, I really enjoyed them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfboy1 View Post
    Do you have the music to either of these?
    I wish! Only just found them yesterday. There are other versions of Lux Aeturna which might have tab but they are much more basic than the one i linked. That one is in a wierd tuning too, AEBEBE. I don't have a capo capable of not capoing (is that even a word?) all 6 strings, might have to invest in one. This is still WAY out of my league though...

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