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    Default Next Course after Hamburgers Handbook 2

    So, I am just wrapping up Handbook 2 from Dave Hamburger. I am trying to decide where to go next to further improve my finger style blues.
    Most of the courses I have seen are a bit too advanced. I'm at a point where I can play the songs learned but limited to just those songs.

    Ive taken:
    Acoustic Blues Handbook
    and Handbook 1 and 2 (Hambuger)

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    Lot's of choices, but they will all seem a bit of a jump in difficulty.

    Dirt Road Blues - Paul Rishell
    New School Fingerstyle Blues- Hamburger
    Gospel Finger Style - Richard Kiser
    Fingerstyle Essentials - Muriel Anderson
    Roots, Rags and Blues - & - Post Modern Fingerstlye Blues - Tim Sparks

    There is also Fretboard Epiphanies. It starts as kind of an intro to fingerstlye playing, but it mixes in some theory and a couple of songs (great arrangement for Amazing Grace). So kind of opens the door for writing/arranging your own songs.
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    Thanks,, I think I will give Dirt Road Blues a whirl... They are all a tad of a jump... ALl I can do is try..

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