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    Default Photos from Frank, Vinny & Glenn show

    I was rather unhappy with our last digital camera purchase, so I took an old Kodak Instamatic camera, albeit a decent one (Instamatic 500) & outboard flash, and some expired (2007) German Adox 200 film someone sent me (I'm a sucker for film and camera rescues).

    It's not easy finding a place to process 126 film cartridges! The lab I did find could do the film processing but not prints because the film perforation is different between 35mm and 126 (film was same width). So I had to scan the negatives myself...I never do like doing things the easy way...

    The B&W images were done in-computer.

    I did finish a half roll of REALLY old Verichrome Pan black & white there too (expired in 1975!)...that's gonna take some voodoo brew to develop...and I don't want to pay what that costs so I'll be home-brewing an anti-fog developer...when I get up the nerve to try that...
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    Default more photos

    The camera has what some people call 'zone focus' have to estimate the distance and set the can't actually see what you are trying to focus bet is to estimate the distance and hope there is enough depth of the focus is a bit random :O)
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    Default Glenn Tosto

    Glenn Tosto is has been of Frank Vignola's local students for over 10 years, and he compiled the material for Frank's new Complete Modern Method taking notes for those 10 years...he's kind of the star of that course in an indirect way.

    Here he is playing Frank's 1986 Jacques Favino can't really see it in this photo...maybe one of the others...but under Glenn's right ring finger is a dark oval...there is no pickguard and if you've seen Frank's hummingbird strum, you'll understand how he wore through roughly 1/3 the thickness of the cedar top!
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    Default Green Hornet

    You can't help but notice Vinny's green shirt. He was introduced as The Green Hornet. I decided their performance of Flight of the Bumblebee should temporarily be called Flight of the Green Hornet....
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    Red face Cool Pics!

    I notice the new fellow has a Snark tuner on his headstock.

    Murray, you're going to have to apply to be Frank's official photographer!
    Good stuff!
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    No pro way, no pay. I do things the hard way...I use old cameras that other people got rid of for good reason...and expired film...try that with expired pixels...I don't know what happens with those...oh, I DO...nothing....that's what happens.

    I'm a sucker for film and camera least I don't have to feed them like rescued pets.
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