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    An old friend, a guy that I played with my younger days in the USAF band is making quite a name for himself in Germany. His name is Burdette Becks and he's the one singing and playing the flute. His guitar player, Ro Gebhardt's playing speaks for itself:

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    Superb, thanks for that. Im a sucker for an archtop. lovely playin from both of them.

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    Wow, great playing, Thanks, Herby!
    Same here on the archtops, Monkfish - and this one in particular, the L5!

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    Superb !!!!!

    One of my favorite tunes.
    Thanks for sharing.


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    Wink Wow!

    Guess he is making a name for himself. Now if he would just make one for the guitarist that I could pronounce... Seriously, very good stuff!
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    There are some other youtubes of the two of them playing together and also many of the guitar player by himself if any of you guys are interested. Glad you liked it.
    The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled. -- Plutarch

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