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    Default OT--Good webcam for the Classroom thing

    Whats a good (yet not too expensive) webcam to use for the Guitar Classroom thingy?
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    Red face Web Cam

    A lot of the guys are using the Logitech 910. I have a Logitech 510 that I use. Both are under $90.00. The 510 is cheaper, but Brad and the other fellows love the 910 and it may be more high def.
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    If there is a 'Standard TrueFire Webcam' it would be the Logitech 910. You can get it at a reasonable price under 80 bucks at Amazon.

    It has the advantage of having a lot of us using it so any problems you might get in installing or working it you'll have actual people who know how to make it work and how to make it work well.
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    Ditto on the 910.
    The only quirk I've had is when using the supplied capture program, if I switch from the webcam mic to my PC's sound card as the audio source. The capture programs player doesn't have any sound. However when used with other video players it's fine. Like I said a quirk.
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    Good call on that one RJB I forgot about that little issue.
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    These cameras can be purchased on eBay for about $65 new on ebay if you use ebay...I saw a few that have bidding and a few at Buy It Now at that price...some include free shipping too
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    ok thanks for the replies

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