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    Arrow Pete Huttlinger "The View" / Winter ASGN 2010

    Just Beautiful !
    Pete Huttlinger plays an original composition, titled "The View" during Muriel Anderson's "All Star Guitar Night" charity event at the OC Pavilion Theater in Santa Ana, CA.

    Best Ever !

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    Just the golden tones...

    Thatīs what acoustic guitar is all about - strong melody lines and a great tone.

    There seems to be a universe of players out there Iīve never been aware of...

    Thanks for this posing romanticism...

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    Sweet tune! He's a great player.

    He was John Denver's guitar player for a number of years and has a number of his own CDs. All quality stuff.

    He's been dealing with some really serious heart issues and is in fact waiting for a transplant. Anyone heard anything lately? Hopefully he is doing well.

    Big sale going on at his website until June 15 so if you are interested in any of his video/ books / CDs now is a good time and will help to support a good cause.
    Stay tuned


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