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    Thumbs down 2011 TDPRI Build Challenge - Some Cool stuff

    Was just over at the Telecaster forum Hutch and Wolf and others have mentioned a while back and found their Telecaster Build Challenge. Individual threads by individual folks building their own Telecasters. Worth a browse if you're in any way interested in building your own or like me just love seeing them built. I would if I could. But until that motivation comes to me, here is the link and here are some pics.

    A few built guitars, a lot of pictures of pieces with drills and clamps and sanding stuff. There's one in there with a resonator cone on it.
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    TDPRI is a good forum with a lot of good information...but there are the "brand snobs" over there where if it's not a name brand or endorsed by a big name then it's garbage...But I made quite a few friends there including 2 "big names" in the guitar world...Brent Mason & James Wilsey. Brent played with Vince Gil & Alan Jackson. You probably know James work from Chris Isaak's 90's hit Wicked Game. Wilsey played the guitar on that album & also has his one instrumental album out called El Dorado....
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    This is a Great Site...Thanks Law-Man !

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    That clear plastic Tele build by Stagger lee is simply amazing.
    The craftsmanship and creativeness is absolutely stunning!

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