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    Thumbs down Some Old 'Rory Gallagher' Guitar relic

    I recall vaguely that there are a few folks here who like this particular fellow, surfing around I see this Relic guitar with Rory's name on it for a mere 4 Grand American. Like Karl (K A R L) Pilkington would say, 'Knock that thing down, it's a death trap!'
    And here's a link for whoever wants to put it in their wishlist.
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    Exclamation Big Bucks

    They are not just for deer hunting anymore! I own a couple of rather expensive guitars and I honestly feel that I am holding more than my skill deserves when I play a $400.00 guitar. I would probably be afraid to touch one that costs $4000.00 and I certain do not make any money with the ones I own. I can't say that I would take this offer even with my chronic and perhaps terminal case of GAS (guitar acquisition syndrome).
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    I played one in the shop where Rory bought his original strat.

    Not worth the money IMHO.

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