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    Default the whole beginner thing sometimes is a drag and sometimes not

    facing the truth of matters and staying in the beginners realm of theory practice technique videos books lessons ez play jam tracks

    sometimes sucks because you want to play like pat methany or George Benson or Eric Clapton
    and the temptation is to pop in one of those dvds and wail away,

    the sad state of affairs most of us will crash and burn this way,

    music is foundational that is the drag part.
    the whole stay in your lane can be very frustrating if you only look at it for its limitations.

    but if you concentrate on the possiblilties you will be pleasantly surprised,

    on just this site alone are a wealth of beginner Dvds that cover many cross styles
    that you can mix and match ,

    for example I just got through working with the beginner jazz guitar dvd
    and most of this stuff I know well at least a lot of the beginner chapters
    but when he got to the dorian scale and the minor pentatonic and began soloing
    and when I read the excerpt about not thinking about dorian as a major scale a step down because this will limit you over time.

    I was like wow he sure is right because my soloing has never gotten out of first gear all these years because I have looked at scale and chord applications in a limiting way,

    this new knowledge was liberating not limiting
    it was mind expanding not mentally confining.

    there are some rock and blues videos
    there are acoustic videos that although are geared for intermediate there are some very accessible chord progressions

    I say take a stroll from time to time and see what is out there
    play a chord or two or a riff or two
    maybe pick a style
    and really work every day on that dvd

    but remember your skill level
    you wont be doing yourself too much good just learning a bag of tricks
    and not really knowing how to find your own voice.

    you dont want to be 30 years older still playing exaclty the same stuff.

    so really learn your instrument learn your notes your intervalic relationsips
    learn your guitar like a beginner
    so that when you are an intermediate you will be a competent intermediate
    ready to take on all the challenges

    just my two cents

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    I hear echoes of this

    If you do not own this then I advise you to get it.

    It is a different viewpoint on guitar and musicianship that a few of us have found and I am now passing it on.

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