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    Default How Music Works

    I was made aware of this British TV production named "How Music Works" on the My Les Paul forum.

    It's presented by Howard Goodall and puts some of the puzzles of music together, while telling the story of music.
    Not much guitar, but a lot of music!

    There are four series, Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, and Bass.
    They can be found on YouTube - unfortunately they have not (at least not to my knowledge) been released on DVD.

    Links to part 1 of each serie on Youtube:

    Another Howard Goodall production you may find interesting is this:

    Enjoy and expand your musical mind

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    I remember watching this series when it came out I think I recorded it on to DVD I'll check But I'll check out the vids too Johnny it was really informative and entertaining thanks for sharing that


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    Default Cool!

    Thanks Johnny for the vids. I just watched the first two as I ate lunch. I'll check out the others when I get some more free time.


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    Excellent...thanks for posting.

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    Red face Nice info

    This is interesting stuff to me. I like this sort of thing. Good post, Johnny!
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    Yo Johnny you Be Good !These are a fantastic watch ...I want the DVD !

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    Nice find. I'll be checking them out. Sounds like awesome vids...

    Stay tuned


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    Good stuff.... thanks for posting them Johnny.
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