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    Default I guess EVH isn't the ladies man he used to be!

    He is slightly overweight huh?
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    And then Valerie Bertonelli gets re-married. Eddie just can't get a break.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beboy View Post
    And then Valerie Bertonelli gets re-married. Eddie just can't get a break.
    AND she looks smoking hot!

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    Red face Woah!

    Now I can say I am just like EVH: I am overweight too!
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    well he looked like death warmed over a few years back.

    Hmm she married a financial us accountants some hope

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    Always loved Valerie Bertonelli, him not so much. Glad to see her doing well. What with being all smoking hot and everything.
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    I have always loved her from afar
    He's pretty cool too.
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