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    Default DaveK's Cool Tip 12/29/10- grow your lick vocabulary to the 3rd power!!!

    Want a great way to refresh your tired old licks?

    Want to breathe new life into your ideas?

    Todays cool tip is another easy to apply, but HIGH Mileage tip that will help you in your lick vocabulary.

    The principle is quite easy. Take a lick you like (could be yours, or one from a player you admire) and analyze it in terms of the chord tone it starts and stops on.

    now here is where the fun begins:

    If the lick starts on the "1" & ends on the "1"as most licks typically do, try the following arrangements to dramatically increase the options you have available.

    • Start on the "1"-but end on the "3" instead
    • Start on the "1"-but end on the "5" instead
    • Start on the "3"-end on the "1"
    • Start on the "5"-end on the "1"
    There are many different additional complimentary ways that you can grow your vocabulary by adding principals like string skipping, messing with octaves, etc. to this approach.

    I have found this, not only a great way to grow my lick vocabulary, but it also tends to allow me to develop call and response lines and grow my ideas much much further.
    Rock on!!!!


    The best things to do to improve your playing....

    1) Start and stop on the 1,3 and 5's
    2) Learn as many good beginnings and good endings as you can!
    3) Practice!

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    Well that's a cool tip I'm going to adopt thanks for sharing Davek


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    Cool Noted

    Note to self: add Davek's Cool Tips to you list of things to cover in your guitar practice time. I can see the possibilities here. Good info.
    Proverbs 17:22 says "A cheerful heart is good medicine..." So I could be overdosing. Alumnus of Jeff Beasley's Shred Warehouse Classroom; Steve Lasner's Bar Room Blues Workshop; & Les Wise's Fretboard Freedom Fighter Workshop. I'm fairly certain I forever will be simply a guitar student.

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