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    Question Big Funky Bluesy Rhythm Groove Thang - Part II

    I have had several requests to supply the A and B sections of this lesson, so here it is. I have also done a cool lick that is easy to vary at the end of it. When you are "turning around" you can take advantage of the open strings and do pull offs from any position of your Em pentatonic scale. This will give you no end of options!

    This is back to funky rhythm, which is a vital part of playing no matter what your style. If you are a blues rock kinda guy and donít have your rhythm chops together, you may find yourself on the bench when everyone else is onstage at jam night. So check this lesson out Ė it will complete the Jam we did before, and give you some cool ways to tag the end so you donít have to sound like you just came from studying "Bobís basic blues for beginners" on cassette!

    Download lesson for free at:

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    Cool Big Bluesy Rhythm

    Here is the third rhythm lesson from this group. It gives another opportunity to work on that right hand technique along with your rhythm chops. Keep plugging away at it and keep working on the earlier ones to solidify the strumming using different tempos to build it up.
    Once again if you have questions feel free to ask I'm glad to help.

    Have fun Doug

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