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    Default Minor chord with a maj 7th interval

    There are a few chords with a wide variety of notations. One obvious one is a minor chord with a maj7th interval added to it. This chord has been called : mL7. m maj7, m natural 7, mi raised 7, m #7, m triangle 7 and m with a slash through the 7. All the m notations can be mi, min or -. All the major notations can be ma, M, maj or triangle. In a key, you can also use a notation like Cm add B.

    It's most famous use is in a minor chord progression where the root descends by half step.

    The chord has also been casually identified as a "spy" chord. Think James Bond!

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    It's a nice way to move from a minor chord to a minor 7th chord

    Try this with open chords

    Am, Am maj7, Am7, D/F#, F, E7, Am, E7

    The Am maj7 would be a normal 1st position Am with fret 1 on G string not fret 2
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    It's most common to see it written as Cm(Maj7) or Cm(Δ7). Musically, it's commonly used when the bass of a minor chord moves down a half step from the root. A great example of this is the song "My Funny Valentine".

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    Idle Moments would be another example.

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