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    Default Nomination---Mattias "IA" Eklundh

    With a style uniquely his own.


    'Retired' Truefire Swat team member

    "You should never lose the groove to find a note"-- Victor Wooten

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    Something about the Swedish view on the world that is well...Swedish, s'awright I've been reading the Steig Larrson books. Didn't know about "Freak Kitchen" and Mattias but will investigate...sounds pretty good to me. Like a Caparison guitar in my collection of planks too

    don't think "She who must be obeyed" would stand another one

    have you seen his list of scales in

    even at this early stage of investigation and the strength of this

    the Stamp of

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    Nice and interesting. Aye.
    Enjoy Your Karma, after all you earned it.
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    Aye, Aye !!


    -- If you can dream it, you can do it ! ;)

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    Red face Aye!

    AYE! AYE like something different now and then and hey, if it is good enough for the Swedish Bikini Team who am I to argue. Oh, wait. There was no previous mention of the SBT. Well that just takes me back to an earlier time with great commercials.
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