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    Default triads in 3 positions

    I have been playing with practicing triads in 3 positions. I play a triad with the root on the 4th string, the same triad with the root on the 3rd string, and an inverted triad with the root on the 2nd string. I go through the circle of 5ths doing this.

    I have also been thinking about playing the major scale on a single string.

    I am trying to concentrate on the highest 4 strings. It seem like we often get bogged down in starting scales arps or triads on the 5th or 6th string and I am trying to break that habit. I also want to practice intervals like 3, b7, 5 for all the chords in the circle of 5ths. Then next maybe the 2nd, 3, 1st and 5th. etc. Just some random excercises, but again following through on all of the chords in the circle of 5ths.

    Are there any other inverted triads on the highest three strings I should be working on? ie (root on high E)?
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