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    Default John Jorgenson uses $100 picks

    I was reading an interview with John Jorgenson and he said he has alternates between 2 picks. One is a 5mm Wegen Fatone and the other is a tortoiseshell pick that is modeled on the Wegen but with less of a point and a warmer sound.

    He has two of the tortoiseshell picks that he bought for $100 each. They are the picks he uses 90% of the time, unless he wants more articulation or a brighter sound.

    I read this in the July 2010 Guitar Player magazine.

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    You know, I see it this way. If it makes you happy, you aren't stealing to pay for it, and you think it makes you play better then shazam - sounds great for all involved. We've seen bone, actual tortoise shell, stone, plastic, felt, - any number of materials, any number of shapes and folks make music with all of it. And then there's Wes Montgomery using the flesh of his thumb. Whatever makes your sound, whatever sounds good to you is cool beans with me. I've got so many Black Fender Medium picks hanging around here I'm just fine with what I have, and when I want to go Wes Montgomery - I'm a thumb away! (and years and years of practice)
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    I suppose we all have our vices, whether it be drinking expensive coffee or dropping that much on a pick. But when you figure it is the guy's day job *and* he believes it is better, it seems far less outlandish than me spending that much on a pick.

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