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    Here you go Truefire Junkies! A look at TF when it all began....

    How time changes all! Name's Vandy been here for a long while but never here on the ya'all! Follow some of the links on that link I posted above and check out the $0.20 cash back on some of the offers way back when...
    and those early Piccadilly gifs....yeehaaa!

    Play Hard!
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    Welcome back to the Fire Vandy. It's always great when one of the people with a lot of history comes out of the cold like this. You know there is a survey happening so that you input can be felt right away - these guys really do listen to the input from their customers.
    Now just remember - we want Banjo Lessons, that's the ticket! Ah well, my lonely quest.
    Seriously let them know what you think and welcome home Vandy!
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    wow there was some art and literature those days!!!!!

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    Welcome back Vandy!

    Like Gadlaw mentioned, there's a survey going on, so your input would be much appreciated.

    Good to have you here!


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    Hey Vandy

    That was an interesting trip. Thanks. Glad you finally decided to drop in.

    Hopefull it won't take you as long to drop in again. !!Remember the Forum is a friendly place so drop in more often will ya. ;)
    Stay tuned


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