Todays Musican Friend Stupid deal of the day is a good one:

Tascam mixer for $99.00
These can come in handy for playing live, recording etc.

The 16-input Tascam M-164 mixer has 6 mic inputs with XLR ins and phantom power. Mic inputs additionally have 3-band EQ with hi-pass filters for sculpting the mix. 5 stereo line inputs bring the total count to 16 inputs, and one channel has a phono preamp for added flexibility. The M-164 mixing console has 2 output buses—main and sub—as well as a pair of aux sends for monitors and effects. Its built-in meter bridge lets you simultaneously monitor each channel.

TASCAM M-164 16-Input Mixer Features:

6 XLR microphone inputs with phantom power and hi-pass filter
5 stereo line inputs
3-band EQ on mic channels 1-6
2-band EQs on line channels 7-10 and main output
RIAA phono preamp on channels 9-10 (RCA)
Unique design with built-in meter bridge
Sub and Main output busses (1/4" outputs)
Separate stereo and mono outputs for main and aux (1/4")
2 aux sends (1/4" outputs)