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    Default And the award for best indie artist goes to?

    I am a big fan of local artists and really enjoy it when I find an unsigned artist that I really like. I have a small collection of CD's by such bands and was wondering if any of you have some favorites.

    A couple from the Dayton area I like are:

    Eric Jerardi
    Heres a link to a video of the band.

    Doug Hart

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    Eric is pretty entertaining me thinks he might need a better drummer.

    I have been to Dayton to see Mother Grove at the DubPub. Fun Celtic stuff and I love the girl on violin. Not a hottie but she has the cutest twinkle in her eyes and can play that fiddle.
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    Eric is a talented player!!!
    In my area we have several great guitarists, through the yrs some excellent young guitarists have come to my blues jam and some of them have become quite successful! Derek Trucks is one that has done well, he came to my jam at 14yrs of age!
    Damon Fowler, one of my favorite local guitarists came to my jam around 14 or 15 yrs old and at aprox 26 yrs old has just recently signed with Blind Pig Records! check him out if you'd like!

    in this vid he is playing a lap steel! towards the end he really kicks it in, this guy can play guitar and sing like nobody's business! Check out vids of him on guitar and find him on myspace! His style is a blend of blues/country/jazz/rock

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    Default I like most of the ones I meet - here's Danny Voris

    I saw this guy up at the Farmer's Weekend Market in Dayton a number of years on back. Danny Voris Website His myspace site Danny Voris Myspace Site

    Both sites play music, he's a great fingerstyle guitarist and my guitar instructor knew of him. He's very good. That's one of many from me on this subject I think.
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    no local guys where I am but when in Fl I always liked to catch Richy Kicklighter when he played up in the Orlando area

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    Default Craig Haller - Guitarist,

    This is a young guy, sort of reminds me of Dave Matthews, Blues Traveler , your basic singer songwriter, alt music guy. He's from New Mexico/Colorado and I've seen him perform a few times. Craig Haller myspace Craig Haller myspace[/URL] Sometimes he plays with a Bass/Cello looking thing - player who looks like Buddy Jesus. Artistic type, serious and involved in his music. He's on my ipod. Cause of course, like jrhoden - I support these guys when I hear them live and then have their moms selling their CD's - kind of endearing and his mom was nice too.
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