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    My subscription to Acoustic Guitar Mag is just about done. I am not going to renew.

    I was looking at Fingestyle Mag on-line, a yera to the UK is a little high but there's an option of getting a years subs on-line for $30.

    I could not find much info on this as to what you actually get.

    Anyone have any experience with this mag?

    On the website it has a Fingerstyle TV channel, clicking the button gives Truefire vids, coooool.


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    I love FG mag, it comes with a CD so you can listen to all the tunes that are laid out in the mag. It covers the gamut from Travis style to classic to New Age to jazz to flamenco. So there always seems to be couple of tunes I really like and aspire to learn... and a couple I might not be interested in. I just started up a subscription with FG again.

    The current issue is a tribute to Chet Atkins and is a super high quality production. There are some top notch players involved... John Knowles, John Standafer, Pete Huttlinger... that will be producing series for the mag. Bill Piburn is the editor. He is a great asset to the fingerstyle world having done lots of transcriptions.

    They had a lot of delivery problems a couple years back and many people refused to renew their subscriptions.

    They are now under new management with 2 issues out since and... I must say I was very pleased with both issues though delivery may still have been a bit slow. Some people got their issues much sooner than others. I can't quite figure out why perhaps they required a second printing.

    I believe the current FG mag management are sincere and truly committed to making FG a great resource for fingerstlye guitarists and will get over it's re-birth pains and get production on track.

    I think you will like it.

    How much is a subscription over in your neck of the woods?
    Stay tuned


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    Hi Chris
    I can find one seller here in the UK who will charge $72 for six issues (1 yr).

    If I go direct and get a years subs from FG they want $82.95


    for six digital editions we are looking at $29.95

    I have e-mailed them as there's no info as to how the digital sub works i.e. do I get the cd?

    I'll let you know what I find out

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