Hi. I'm considering the purchase of my next acoustic guitar ...

I know that good/bad are very subjective, but I'm trying to keep myself away from those famous brands (Taylor, Takamine, Gibson, Martin, etc) and also away from the great luthier-types like (Macpherson, Larrivee, etc) ...

Initially I thought about spending up to 3k, but then I re-thought and well, 1.5k can buy you a pro acoustic guitar and probably more than that I'll be paying for brand, cosmetics, etc

Then I discovered the Tanglewoods which is a strong name in UK, but not anywhere else ... anyone has experienced this one? I also found Seagulls and Tacomas which I think are underrated guitars too.

The Tanglewood model I'm interested in is: TW45 NS B Sundance Series, about EU550 or around U$800. Solid Top and Back, Laminated Sides.

Some artists I found using Tanglewoods:

- Chris Mojo Edwards: http://tanglewoodguitars.com/commun...hrismojoedwards

- Brad Long: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4tYZpqogfQ

- Lili Anel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyjQoTr1rwo