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    Default Really Excited

    In this post I just wanted to share my excitment.

    Out of the blue, my Dad bought me a Washburn 12 string guitar, it sells for $700.00 at Musician's Friend, and since I haven't played acoustic seriously for years, I went Truefire shopping and purchased:
    Fretboard Epiphanes
    Slap Thump and Frail
    50 Acoustic Licks

    Can't wait to get started

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    Great score and boy are you gonna be busy with a new axe and those courses
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    Congrats on the guitar and the new courses!
    You'll have a lot of fun with both, I bet.

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    I did a blog on the Acoustic Guitar Licks course, you can read it in the Blog section. It was really fun.

    Welcome to the acoustic side, enjoy the guitar and the courses


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    I'll bet you are excited! That's awesome you scored the guitar AND 4 courses!

    Have fun!


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    I love Washburn Acoustics! They are so underrated and can be got used on eBay for a GREAT price. I have a six string I paid $80 (went new for $500 I believe) that has a solid spruce top...I love the tone of it!

    Congrats on the new guit and courses!!
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    Congrats on the addition to the family!!
    I love Washburn guitars! My friend has a six string that plays and sounds superb!!


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    Congrats on a new guitar, probably the best motivator, except and impending private lesson w/ Brad Carlton, to get you playing more.

    Tev & I are in the process of blogging epiphanies, and would love for you to pipe in.

    Interesting all the love for Washburn. I might be looking at a new acoustic this summer, and hadn't really thought much of them. Would love to hear your feedback on the new baby.
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    Can you post a picture of your 12-string?

    How does it feel to play it? Harder than your electric? What is the neck like? Is it a thick neck?

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    I just had a thought...

    I wonder if anyone has ever taken a 12-string guitar and tuned the secondary strings (or whatever they are called) to something other than the Octave? For instance, tune the secondary strings to a 5th rather than the Octave?

    Would it make it sound too muddy? Might work fine for solos but will probably sound horrible for rhythm. I think I am coming to the conclusion that this wouldn't work very well.

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    GReat News...
    Wish My Daddy would buy me a new Geetar....

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    Wow, congrats on the new guitar, good choice with the courses. I don't know much about fingerscapes, but the other 3 you've got are ones that I've played around with and love.
    Sometimes life sucks, but God is always good!!!

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    Mahalo for sharing my enthusiasm.
    Now I either have to quit work or quite sleeping to learn from those courses I bought

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