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    Default Amplitube Tips Please!

    I just got Amplitube 3 and the Fender Amplitube and I must admit I am impressed with some of the sounds I am getting out of this software! The rockabilly & Swing preset in the Amplitube 3 is DA BOMB with my Tele!

    However, as much as a techie as I am, I need some help with this. First it seems that the master volumes are all CRANKED on all the presets. Is there a universal way to turn them all down at once? When I switch from preset to preset the walls in my apartment shake and I only have small studio monitors!!!!

    Next, what do you use to record with Amplitube? I tried Audacity but it says check my input device and my project sample rate when I hit the record button? Do I have to load Amplitube into a DAW like Ableton Live or FL Studio (I have those too)?

    Also, are there any Easter eggs I should look for? I would like to know any tips you might have with this software. It looks like it might be a keeper! I can finally get that Marshall sound without paying $2000 for a Marshall amp!!!

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    I'm a recent convert to Amplitube myself (4X1 promo) and still a newbie when it comes to the inner workings. Not up to speed yet when it comes to the tricks and tips department.

    IK Multimedia doesn't have a forum other than a user area for user presets, but check out this amp modeling site. You'll probably find the answers your looking for there.

    Good luck and enjoy your new Tone factory.
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    Hey Mike,
    I've been recording with AT for years. If you want to use it in a DAW, you need to load it to the guitar track in Audacity. In most DAW software, it is done by right clicking on the track. Typically, a list of effects and software packages appears to load to the track. I've never used Audacity so I can say with certainty how it works but it should be something similar. Best of luck.


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    Thanks for the site ME. I'll have to check it out.

    Chip, I tried that with Audacity but I don't think Audacity works with VST's come to think of it...I did get it to open in Ableton but I can't get the sound to work. It has to be with my settings in Ableton but I can't figure it out? I am new to VST's and audio plugins!

    Thanks for the help!
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    I wanted to give this a little bump and update on what I have so far...

    In stand alone mode I can hear everything and it sounds GREAT! O am using the ASIO drivers (the DirectX drivers don't seem to work?)....

    I also got Amplitube to open in Ableton Live but it won't play any sound? I can't even get the meters to move? I believe the drivers in the DAW have to be set the same as in Amplitube which is what I sound at all?

    I really want to record some demos of this software and any tips to get it going would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    YIPPEEEEE! I found a tutorial that got the Amplitube VST working! I had to try out the evaluation copy of Reaper but I got it working! I too tired now to try the same steps in Ableton to see if I could get it to work...

    I'll record some demos tomorrow of this great software!!!
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    Well guys I can't figure this out now...I just spent the last hour recording a few demos for you guys to hear Amplitube but it only recorded the dry signal...even though I could hear the overdrive and everything while I was playing it. Reaper isn't as intuitive as Audacity is that's for sure.

    I don't feel like doing them again so I guess the demo is on hold until next weekend! ARRGGG!
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    Welcome to the world of home recording. Your going to get it all figured out eventually then, like me, since you almost only get to it on the weekends you'll forget those one or two crucial steps and have to figure it out all over again

    I feel for you bro
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    Hello Mike,

    I have also been playing around with recording using Amplitube. Here is what I came up with using Reaper. I haven't had a chance to play around with any other application.

    When you have your track recorded, click on the FX button. For this example, I added a basic arpeggio file. The FX button is outlined in yellow.
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    This will open a window where you can select the effects you wish to apply to the selected track. From this window, select VST on the left and then Amplitube from the right.
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    This should bring up a window showing the Amplitube interface. In my case, the Amplitube window covered up the play controls in Reaper. I was simply able to click and drag that window to move it out of the way. From here it's a simple matter of setting up Amplitube to get the desired sound.
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    Once you have the desired sound, you should be able to click on the file menu and select render. This will bring up a window where you can setup the file name and path, sample rate, file type, etc.

    I hope this helped. I apologize for having to type this over numerous threads. I couldn't figure out how to get the vbulliten software to display the uploaded images inside the body of the text.
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