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    Default Gear purchasing stategy

    Hey Guys,
    I thought that I would mention something that I tried this weekend that actually worked. These days we are all trying to bleed a dime to save money but we still need gear. Here's what I did:

    I went to MusiciansFriend (yeah, I know some of you hate them; I've had my moments too) and got my shopping cart ready. I noticed that MF has pretty much watermarked all of their site photos with "Will match any price." This being the case, I did internet searches for everything that I wanted to buy. A lot of these items came back on Amazon. As many know you click on an item and there is a typical price, but below that price is something to the effect of 'X number of sellers from X price.' Well, I drilled down on each item that I wanted and found the lowest price on each product. I had a different tab in Firefox set to each item and then I made the call to MF. I gave the CSR all of my product numbers and I was given the price. I, then, pointed the CSR to all pages I had prepared. MF actually honored the prices and I saved $15 on a $75 order. It really was cool to save 20% on my order and still get the exact same products. I thought that I would mention it if you have any gear that you need to pick up. To me it was well worth the extra effort.

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    Sweet move chipstar!

    I'm surprised they actually gave you 20% off!

    Doesn't it say they will beat any advertised price?

    I've got to try it next gear purchase!

    Thanks for sharing!!!!!


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    Nice going! 20% is significant. Thanks for passing the story on to us.
    Stay tuned


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