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    this email went to LC's management and they sent to us and thought why not post this one and ones like it here on the 335 Improv Forum and let others chime in with answers and tips.

    I'm a proud owner of the 335 blues set....

    I'm not sure you can help me out, but I was certain that I could not ask
    Larry directly...

    I have one question for him....

    I would like to know, aside from listening to music what would the best
    thing be to study/learn about the guitar when I'm not actually able to be
    touching it?

    I hope that makes sense, and if you ever get a chance to ask him for me that would be great!


    Ed L. in Ohio, guitar practitioner

    brad wendkos

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    Default Best way

    There really may be no best way or thing.
    If you have the major scale inside your mind meaning you can hear it at any moment, and you have spent time training your ear to hear simple Major and Minor and Dominate chords ,all of which a person could learn in as little as two weeks, that's the record as I had a student learn this in record time.
    About six months for most mere mortals, put number to 7 chords,
    then it a life time of counting to numbers like 13 for your extension.alterations maybe another lifetime

    Any way when this happen you can drive down the road hear a song and when you get home you pretty much can play it.

    That's the best I got

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