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    Default Next Step from Easy Theory 1 - 4


    I've been enjoying the Easy Theory 1-4 very much... I've never seen a more clear, concise .. to the point presentation on theory for beginners... this is great...

    I have 2 questions... I didn't see (or maybe I did and didn't know it) the lessons for Easy Theory 5 - 8...

    Is seems that the links for those lessons reference other resources... example Lesson 5 references a Caged Dominant Chords chart ... So is lesson 5 - 8 not done in the same PDF style as Lessons 1 - 4..?

    Also what would be the best path for someone that is about to complete the Lessons 1- 4 ... I know I have to incorporate it into my learning and go back over it frequently .... but what would be the next step as far as course material for someone wanting to continue to learn guitar theory ... after finishing Lesson 4 of Easy Theory...

    Are their additional PDFs? or is it time to move to the next step of figuring out which course is the appropriate one for theory...

    Assuming there aren't anymore PDFs on theory ... what is the best course to follow Lessons 1 - 4 up with...?



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    Default Never Mind

    Ok ... I figured out that Easy Theory is Parts 1 - 4...
    The weeks 5-8 are all encompassed within Lessons 1 - 4..

    I was confusing lessons with weeks....

    So I'm good with that...

    As far as where to go next... I read that the Chord Cook Book was very good ... I was thinking of the Efficient Guitarist...

    My thought is to build on the theory and fretboard knowledge first before getting into application courses....

    I'm the type of person that likes to know the what and why... I'm doing something before I start getting good at something without knowing what I'm doing or why I'm doing it!

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    Default Easy Theory Next Steps

    Based on what I'm reading on the various threads it looks like the best way to go for me is to get the Efficient Guitarist and CAGED....

    Can't wait to get started after the holidays...

    Happy Holidays everyone...

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    Hi Rob,
    Not often someone comes back and answers their own question

    I'm glad you have found Brian's (beboy) basic theory lessons useful. There is a project in the works to expand the ideas a bit and present it with some video examples. I would recommend following the links in the original posts. (Week1, Week 2 .....) Here's One These go to additional forum threads about each weeks lessons, and also have links to other supporting information. Including some PDF/Audio lessons from the TrueFire Interactive Audio archives.

    As far as actually courses, well you already found the next ones. CAGED is the #1 recommended course, it can beconsidered a "map" of chords and scales across the entire fretboard. Efficient Guitarist is new, and is a bit all encompassing, not just theory. And has some very rudimentary beginner sections as well. Chord Cookbook, does offer some theory on chord construction, but might be considered more of a reference.

    I would go to TrueFire TV and watch all the previews to get a good feel for the courses
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    Default Greetings robzebr

    Happy Holidays to you from everyone at TrueFire and at the Forum here. Sorry for the delay in responding, it's been the hectic time of year. You might be interested in knowing that the guy who has worked on his own for the Easy Theory Stuff is working on a real course for this, like most of the folks here doing their thing, it's part time while the real job pulls and tugs away. Beboy will be glad to hear that you are getting good use out of his Easy Theory stuff. Dude is awesome.
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    Default Rtfb

    Yes... I'm came up the path of RTFB..... "Read the freaking book"... before asking for help....

    As a former customer support person I always found that those folks that take the time to read the manual or the book or in this case the forum are always better off than those that hit the first obstacle and then run to ask the question on their issue.... without at least giving it a try to find the answer...

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    You won't run into any 'read the freaking book' types here. And you won't run into the 'search the forum' pompous dudes either. The attitude around here is that if you want to be treated rudely and badly there are plenty of places to go for that.

    Personally I have in fact read a manual or two - right after I'm using the object in question. Never had to call a customer service line.
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    Hi Robzebr,

    I'm glad you are enjoying Easy Theory. Thanks for your kind words.

    Let us know if you have any questions about theory and we will try to help.

    My thought is to build on the theory and fretboard knowledge first before getting into application courses....
    I would suggest learning both at the same time.

    My problem is that I spend more time on theory than I do playing guitar and it shows. I am way better at explaining theory that I am at applying it to the fretboard.

    I would suggest getting a course that looks like the kind of stuff you would have fun playing. This will give you fun stuff to work on and will keep you excited because you are having fun. If you tell us more about the type of music you want to play we can suggest some courses.

    Also take a look at subscribing to TrueFire. It is the cheapest way to get access to all of their courses. Level 2 & 3 members can watch all of the couses streaming online and can download all of the charts, jam tracks and TAB, plus they get discounts on courses. More info here.

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    Thanks Beboy...

    I'm going to talk my niece and nephew into getting me a Level 3 subscription for my birthday next month... so one way or the other I'm going to start In January...

    As far as music to play... I'm happy just starting off with the classic rock stuff.... things that everybody knows...
    John Cougar, Stones, maybe some Springsteen... classic rock songs that are immediately identifiable...

    I was going to start with Caged Cracked and the Efficient Guitarist.... they seem to be getting really good reviews....


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