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    Default Favorite Christmas Music

    I can't believe it's 12/10 already and not only have I barely started Christmas shopping but I have hardly played ANY carols. I try to add a few new discs every year to my expanding collection of Holiday music (I have a lot already). This year I added
    1) The Don Ho Christmas Album
    2) Latino Christmas (Narada Artists)
    3) Oh Christmas Tree - A Bluegrass Holiday Christmas
    4) Star of Wonder - Christmas with Peter Buffet and the New World Ensemble
    5) Casey Kasem's All Time Favorite Christmas Collection (2 discs)
    6) Los Lonely Boys - Christmas Spirit

    My all time favorites are:
    1) GRP Christmas, Volumes 1-3
    2) Time Life Christmas Treasury
    3) Lorenna McKennit - A Winter Garden

    So Many that I love though. Last year I got "Ho, Ho, Hoey" The Complete Gary Hoey Collection. It's spinning as I type.
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    Aha an excuse for Youtube

    Ok Wolfie here is our good friend Chris Rea

    Another classic from my side of the pond (live on St Paddys Day )

    The Pogues

    If you can't follow the lyrics here is the sober version

    And here is Ruldolph swing style

    Merry Christmas to all at TF

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    what??? you didn't see these brand new songs?

    you'll be surprised by this one by no other than Dylan:

    and this one is really beautiful by Ray Davies and Chrissie Hynde (together again?)

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    I saw the Dylan song on tv the other night and went "Is that Bob?"

    In fairness it is a great party song.

    An easy one

    Satch "Silent Night"

    I found some Kevin Bloody Wilson tunes relating to Santa visiting late at night but I ain't posting them here

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    Default Not Safe for Work Xmas songs - sort of

    Santa Clause and His Old Lady Commune - Cheech and Chong. (not a great sound and no actual video )

    South Park's Merry F@#$ing Christmas by Mr. Garrison. (cursing -beeped -- satire) from Mr. Hankey's Christmas Album

    Of course there's always the Bing Crosby White Christmas and the one he did with David Bowie - always awesome stuff.

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    The only Christmas CDs I own are the Very Special Christmas library and Merry Axemas volumes 1 and 2. The very Special Christmas albums are fund raisers for people with special needs. A very worthy cause sweetend by the fact that the tunes are performed by very well known artists including Eric Clapton, Bon jovi, Cheryl Crow, Stevie Wonder and Tom to name a few.

    The Merry Axemas collection is mostly instrumentals and are mainly comprised of a little heavier selections. Artists include Zak Wylde, Robin Trower, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.
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