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    Default Different products with the same content?

    Hi. When browsing and watching some samples in the TrueFire website I've got a bit confused about whether the content in some titles are repeated or not. As an example I'll list 2 products (apparently they are different products) that appears to have the same content:

    1. : this is an Interactive Video type lesson
    Product Title: TFU 5.8 - Essential Techniques

    2. : this is a DVD Instruction type lesson
    Product Title: Essential Techniques

    This is just an example of what I've found, there are other similar examples like this and my question is quite simple: are they different products with the same content?

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    Greetings sohdubom and welcome to TrueFire.

    Some of the Brad Carlton material starts off as the monthly lessons sent to level three students (who get unlimited access to the online catalog and get the monthly lessons that Brad has created. If those monthly lessons are structured under a central theme Brad and TrueFire are able to take a number of months worth or these lessons and put them together as a Course, like Rhythmology, Solology and Melodic Patterns. Additionally,those sections can be purchased individually like Truefire 6.8 Caged Dominant or Truefire 6.8 Caged Dominant II based on their original construction.

    Additionally, when you are level two or level three subscriber there are the Night Courses online that follow a theme and provide lessons that cut across the Truefire Catalog to follow that theme.

    I hope I didn't answer that in too confusing a manner, if I did someone will come along and say it better than me.
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    Hi gadlaw and thanx for the feedback. Well, let's see ... if I got it right, the DVD Instruction type lesson is actually a collection of Interactive Video type lessons? So, the content of DVD Essential Techniques contains CD TFU 5.8 - Essential Techniques content plus others?

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    The Essential Techniques - 2 CD Rom Set was originally TFU 5.8 and TFU 5.9 - sold seperately shortly after being sent to Level Three Students. It's the same lessons as you can or could have gotten earlier. It's a way of offering different choices depending on your inclination. Perhaps you joined as a Level Three student late and didn't get TFU 5.8 Essential Techniques I but got TFU 5.9 Essential Techniques II. You could wait a while for the course of related lessons to be bundled or you could purchase 5.8. Perhaps you weren't a student at all and weren't looking at the descriptions of the TFU monthly courses as they came out, when the course was organized and bundled and advertised as the two disk set you found it and then wanted to buy it. If you were a Level Three Student when the course description came out you knew you already had the lessons and they were sitting in your thick CD Rom case for the year or you were a Level Two Student and didn't get your own copy of the course and were satisfied watching it online or decided to pick it up. I guess it's a way of giving all the options available. Now the latest courses are being offered as a download or as a DVD course, again - options. Confusing sometimes but they are a response to requests and a desire to get the product out there.
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    Again thanx for the reply ... I'm just a member level, not any of the 3 levels yet ... but now I get a better picture of how things are organized and distributed :-)

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    You bet, glad you found your way here and welcome again. You might want to check out this thread - There is an opportunity to get some free material if you would like - courtesy of TrueFire.
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