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    Default OT: For Gadlaw and other parrot lovers...


    I stumbled upon this video and thought you'd enjoy it. Pretty amazing birds it seems.
    Stay tuned


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    Thanks for the parrot videos. I do love my parrots and it's only my steely determination to not become a 'collector' which keeps me from getting one or two of each. I've seen Toucans, Palm Cockatoos, Hyacinths and all manner of birds for sale but never seen a Kea for sale anywhere at all.

    Many of the Macaws and Parrots need to have locks put on their cages because of their ability to pick open doors, lift food latches etc. They are uniformly smart as can be and they all need lots of attention and care (hence you can't legitimately keep all that many). Here's Hiro again - GreenWing Macaw.
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    Smile Awesome Bird!

    WOW! Gadlaw,
    Now I see the colors that inspired Manta-Bear! That is seriously an amazing bird.
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    Thanks for the appreciation. Everybody appreciates Hiro - I've had him since he was in pinfeathers and he's a sweetheart even though that big scary beak is big and scary. Personally I'm scared of those little ones like Love Birds. Scary buggers.
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