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    Default Firefox and Truefire

    I have bought a laptop that runs Vista, my PC runs XP and has no issues with TF.
    When going on the TF site on the laptop all is well in IE but FF says it needs a plug in but can't find it. Has anyone else had this problem?

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    needed the adobe flash player plug in....all's well in the Starr household once again :D

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    I've always had a problem w/ FireFox, and many streaming video sites. The main Fruefire videos work ok for me, but for the live webcasts I need to switch to IE. I've tried installing all the upgrades that are asked for, but things still don't work. They just keep asking for the same upgrades. ??!! So I just live with it and switch for those couple of sites.

    Just my 2 cents of experience.
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    Default Firefox my default browser

    Every once in a while I'll go to a site from Firefox and the video player doesn't want to play or the audio link doesn't want to play. It's frustrating but it's part of the ongoing war between the big guy browser and the other guys. When they 'update' the windows player it always seems to update so it doesn't work with Firefox. The Sirius online player barely works with Firefox, works fine in Explorer but after using Explorer I run Spybot since Explorer is like a Sieve for the little annoying Spyware that it allows all over your computer. One thing I congratulate Truefire for - their players play nice with Firefox.

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    Default Ubuntu

    I'm using FireFox as a browser and Ubuntu Linux as my operating system! Everything works and I'm worry free!

    Friends don't let friends do windows!!

    Linux: virus free, error free, crash free, cost free!!
    Gimp- free Photoshop similar program, Open Office-free Office suite and better than Microsoft, all software free!!!!

    Think about it! Why give microsoft your money so you can get errors and virus'???

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