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    Default The one and only Ted Greene

    Of course we all have heard about Ted Greene (the mastermind of Chord Chemistry, Modern Chord Progressions and Jazz Guitar Single Soloing ! and 2) one of the best educators ever and excellent guitarist, but few of all have seen him playing, listened to his clinics or private lessons, or simply enjoy his beautiful hand written lessons. Now we have the opportunity to pay respect and learn with the official Ted Greene site, a labour of love from his family.
    We can see him and hear him, and best of all we can download a lot of lessons, chord melodies, chord grids, licks, etc.


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    Great stuff there Rgalvez, thanks for posting!

    Now my turn, Check out these seminars of Ted Greene, they are long but (imho) very worthwhile.


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    That forum is one of my other favorite places on the net. Ted was incredible and nothing less than an amazing gift to the guitarists of the world.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jimiclaptoncarl View Post
    Now my turn, Check out these seminars of Ted Greene, they are long but (imho) very worthwhile.
    Hey Jimi what a find!!! This is a true masterclass indeed! I encourage you all to watch these videos. Wise concepts and beautiful tone..!
    I have watched the first video so far. I'll prepare my whiskey and check out the second !
    thanks again

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    For anyone that digs these videos - be sure to spend some time looking around the forum at Ted's site. His longtime girlfriend, Barbara Franklin has shown amazing generosity by sharing many of Ted's hand written lessons - often after specific request for tunes/topics from forumites. Much of the material is not for the faint of heart, but if you dig in, you'll be astounded at how much info he could pack onto a single sheet of paper.

    I can't help but wonder what would've come of a Truefire/Ted Greene connection.

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