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    Default Nice guitar site

    I was looking for video reviews of M.I. Audio pedals and stumbled across this site.

    He has some good stuff on it. Check out the gear reviews.

    Gonna try the ear training link.

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    Default The good ones are found and found again

    I mentioned him a couple of years ago when his youtube site was in danger of being shut down on account of copyright materials and such. And the reason I found him was because he managed to get a story about it on Slashdot., and somebody else mentioned him previous to that. The good ones rise up and are 'rediscovered' constantly cause even though we're all watching and looking at the posts we do miss them sometimes. And there are always new folks here who haven't seen or heard about all that's good and cool on the Internet. Justin used to be with Katie Melua and his easy going manner and knowledge makes him one of the better dudes out there, he's the only one I could get an idea about how to play the Counting Crowes Mr Jones song

    Thanks for the refind there Leedelta!! - I personally do spend money with many of these guys when I can. Gotta support the ones that are helping us!
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