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    Exclamation Spammers VS Real Members

    So I see that the member #'s are over 40 ,000 . How many of them are banned spammers VS real people ?
    I won't go into a rant , but how iritating is this . What a waste of man power to monitor the spammers when it could be spent pursuing what we are all here for .
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    Agreed. I've often wondered how much business can anyone actually generate using that BS...I guess it works cause the darn things are all over the place.


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    Default A word of thanks

    My hat is off to the mods for their diligence and spam-busting skills. HUGE THANKS for keeping the forum so tidy, spam-free and member-friendly.

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    Well, I dunno, but I do know that I'm a real member. :mariole:

    And to all those spammers: @#$# you all!!!!!! :mad: :mad:

    It would be cool if we could have a thing before you sign up,
    like a new user password or something?


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    I think the home front is working on this very issue. When Truefire switched to the new version of the forums a couple of months ago we got a HUGE influx of spammers. There have also been a few problems with the boards themselves, as can be expected in a large software shift. I can safely say the SWAT team is hoping for some type of solution eventually but for now...THANK-YOU for your kind words cdngord and all of y'alls concern. I also wonder what they get out of this....if I wanted a loan, free credit check, porn, viagra or any other apparently life essential items I would not go to a guitar forum
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    Yeah I wondered as well about the amount of listed members versus active and contributing members.

    At least the spam attacks have died down a little.

    Well done to the mods

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    The Swat guys that get rid of the spammers work hard at it and I want to thank them too. I don't get any credit because I have only banned a few. The other guys are doing all of the work.

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