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    Thumbs down New! Truefire Studio Wire:Live Webcast w/ Rick Wheeler Feb 18-20

    I spoke with the folks at TrueFire and they are ready to start one of the new features!
    Here's the scoop!
    "TrueFire Studio Wire" will include livecasts with the artists when they come in to record a lesson. There will be a meet the artist section, an explanation of the course being recorded to give you a little better understanding of what's being taught on the course, a clinic section where the artist will cover some of the material in the lesson, and there will be a thread in the forum where you can post questions for the artist and the artist will post the answers during their time here! The artist is usually in the Truefire Studio for a few days so this stuff will follow a schedule. We're thinking of doing the livecast in the evening but we can schedule it during the day too, we want to hear your input so we can try to accommodate as many people as possible, your input is appreciated and will be taken into consideration when scheduling.

    OK, so who's interested? First post in this thread saying "you're in" so I can get a head count, then I'll post info letting you know who will be in the studio and when they will be here, in that post I'll tell you to Let us know by emailing me (Red) & I'll email you back and let you know in advance the time/date and URL for the livecast and other instructions/info. Oh, Don't post your email address in this thread, it's public and we want to protect your privacy!!

    Naturally we appreciate your participation & we think you'll get some great education out of this.

    Red (
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    I'd be interested but my work schedule varies, some days, some nights. So it'd depend on my work schedule.

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    Thanks for the info Slasner! Its clear that you have listened to different concerns that people have had and come up with ideas to try and make things smoother in the future. Your ideas sound great (thanks also to Brad W and Nancy)!

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    ok Flathead let's hope scheduling can accommodate your schedule, keep an eye on this thread for more info, and when you see potential scheduling with dates let me know your scheduling preferences and we'll see what we can do!

    Bboy, yes we are looking for ways to meet the desires of our students! It's not easy, but Brad Wendkos is determined and I can tell you from experience when he's determined he's like a steam roller, nothing stops him. The theory threads have run a course and I'm looking for ways to spark them back up, but flat out they need more people participating to keep them moving, I can't spend enough time keeping them rolling on my own and it seemed like they lost motion when I couldn't keep up with them on a daily basis, again they need to keep motion on there own, we'll see what comes in the future.
    All in All there are a lot of new things coming, these things will take time to develop and put into motion but for those with the patients to wait it out will find it worth the wait!
    I did 2 livecasts so far and we are planning a regular scheduled show that will be an artist showcase. It will follow a monthly schedule in the beginning and is targeted for a weekly scheduling, Just a few things we are working on, more to be anounced soon!

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    I'm in if possible, usually I'm not able to particpate during the day do to work.
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    Day worker on the west coast so eves. would work better. But I'm totally into it.

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    Smile Livecast info

    Rick Wheeler will be in the studio next week with his wife Lori, Rick is Larry carlton's guitar tech and I hear he is a great guitarist! He will be doing a video course and it looks like we will do a livecast with him.. I'll post the where and when as soon as everything is confirmed, it's looking so far like the later the better for you folks, we are on Eastern Time here, but we're trying to think of our west coast friends too! Rumor is it will be early in the week.
    more soon.............................................. .................

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    that sounds really cool...I hope I can make it.



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    I'll be posting the info as soon as possible. stay tuned! I think there will be some great livecasts coming in the near future!

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    Please post any suggestions of topics you'd like covered, also any questions you might have for Rick can be posted in this thread with subject title "question for Rick"

    no date has been solidified yet but I'm guessing they decide on Tue 2/19 and I'm guessing they will go live sometime between 4pm and 8pm. I've suggested as late as possible to try to accommodate our west coast friends.......

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    I'd be in but the time diff here in the UK would make it impossible. Is there a way these feeds could be recorded and made available as a download or something?

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    I will ask Brad if we can make these livecasts available afterwards! I would think they will be, but I'll find out and post info on that when I find out.
    I am expecting confirmation of date and time for Ricks livecast later today!
    Check back later today for info!

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    The recording of Ricks DVD is taking longer than expected and we wont be able to do the livecast. However Rick will be back in around three months with his wife Lori and there is a plan for a livecast with them at that time.
    We would like to apologize for not being able to broadcast this event as planned but we will make it up with some great livecasts in the near future so keep watching this thread for info on upcoming events.

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    Sorry the live cast didn't work out (yet). I look forward to the next one.

    Here's some ideas that crossed my mind:
    Do a live cast with the TrueFire folks. Kind of a meet the people behind TrueFire. Slasner can host and his band can play a few tunes. Slasner could interview Brad W and tell us about TrueFire's history. help us to know TrueFire as real people. Tour the studio, etc.
    There probably wouldn't be as much interest in that type of program but I would want to watch. I'd like to know more about TrueFire's history and the history the two Brads (Wendkos and Carlton) have with each other.

    Also, I forget what it is called but doesn't TrueFire have a local (in person) type of class to help guitarists get out and play live? Do a live cast with them.

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    BBoy! That sounds like a brilliant idea!! I will address this with Brad Wendkos as soon as possible!

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