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  1. Question Answers, questions and some inside scoop

    Hey all! Brad Wendkos from TrueFire here with a few bits of info addressing many of the recent posts.

    Basically want to tell you what's coming down the pike, much of which will answer many of the questions posted in this forum. Also want to ask (ok, plead …) that you take a moment or two to give me a little feedback just to make sure we're on the right track. So please chime in!

    First up …

    TrueFire’s Larry Carlton 335 BLUES course will launch shortly. This is the first course Larry has produced with anyone for about 20 years now. I am, always have been, and always will be a fanatic for just about anything Larry Carlton does. This cat is definitely my personal guitar hero. And as far as I’m concerned, he plays the blues like nobody's business. So, imagine how I must have felt when Larry agreed to do a TrueFire blues course. Now picture me two feet away from him in the studio for nine days worth of sessions feebly attempting to “produce” him and the course. Straight up, I couldn’t speak an intelligent sentence for the first two days. I was (and still am) in awe. Thanks to the quality of person he is, I was able to settle in by the third day and together we produced (dare I say it?) the most significant blues course in TrueFire’s history (in fact, I’ll put this one up against any instructional anywhere by anyone). Larry covers how to approach rhythm, improvisation and soloing over 8 different blues grooves. He also discusses and demonstrates a variety of techniques, tone tweaking and general approaches for “thinking like an arranger”, connecting with the audience and generally how to develop into a better musician. He also plays his proverbial off! Open up a new browser immediately, go to (we built that for him!) and check out the channel labeled “335 Blues” for a taste of this course. IMO, Larry’s solo over this Stormy Monday-like blues is as close to perfection as they come (and yes, all of the musical examples are tabbed out, you get all of the rhythm section tracks and all of the rhythm and solo parts broken down by Mr 335 himself.). The course consists of 60 interactive video lessons, is presented in our player and will likely be bundled with a CD and a DVD recorded live in Tokyo with Robben Ford. The bundle will go for $99 for TrueFire members for the first ten days and then list at $125. Tell me what you think!

    Next item of interest …

    We’re within 60 days of launching a new technology platform and instructional program that will allow students to enroll in a variety of interactive video courses with weekly installments of material delivered directly to their desktop. Most of the study programs will be ten week lesson plans, focused on a particular subject and optimized for a particular level of play (ex. Blues soloing for early intermediate players). The majority of the material will be pulled from our ever-growing library of interactive videos (over 6,000 presently), however, a lesson plan overlay will guide the student through the material suggesting practice regimens and offering additional insight. Because the curriculum will be delivered digitally (no packaging, shipping, etc.) we will be able to offer extremely low tuitions making TrueFire more affordable for a wider range of folks. The new program will also directly address those of you who prefer a specific lesson plan and regimen rather than the feeding frenzy you get on TrueFire’s All Access TV. Coolest part is the delivery mechanism – the new tool will download all of the assets and compile our player software on the fly! Lots of other handy features and preference controls as well. Tell me what you think!

    Another diddie …

    A new home page is in the works. But it’s really much more than that. We’re creating an interface that will serve up a variety of handy tools and daily material to work with. One of the biggest challenges of working with TrueFire stuff is navigating through the 20,000 bits and bytes we have in the library and figuring out where to dig in. We’re hoping this will help and at the same time provide a suitable hang when you’re practicing or just in plain old guitar mode. Here’s what we have planned at the moment; a daily video lesson, a daily gear video demo, a daily performance video, a metronome, a tuner, a daily jam track, a daily tab, a daily audio lesson, a daily guitar-centric radio program, daily guitar-centric news and a bunch of quick links to guide folks to various parts of TrueFire. Essentially, we’re taking all of the different things we already do, and putting them all in one place with a daily taste. All in all plenty to give you busy for the day and, if someone wants more of a particular thing, they can drill down deeper. Tell me what you think! And tell me what else should be there!

    One more possibility …

    We have several thousand interactive audio lessons up on TrueFire at the moment. Most if them have tab and power tab. We’re seriously considering giving members free access to ALL of them (except the self-published ones which we do not own). We’d rig it so you could stream the entire audio lesson and open the tab right on the page (downloading would still carry a charge) so you could work with any of them instantly and easily. Our objective is to make the main TrueFire site more of a practice joint and less of a catalog where you just sample content and order. This combined with TrueFire TV might just be the ticket we’re looking for. Tell me what you think!

    So, there you have it, our current vision and stream of consciousness. Your turn …

    Thanks! Brad
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