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    Default One Handed Guitarist

    No not a joke, my wife caught this on the news last night.

    Online news article
    Extended video clip
    Honey, I'm spending money on guitars or women, ... your choice.

    If you take Satan for a ride, pretty soon he'll want to drive.

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    Now I feel like a pansy that I complain I can't play something on guitar! Thanks for scaring my self-esteem!

    He is good though!

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    Very inspirational. He seems like a good upbeat guy too.

    Thanks for the link.
    Stay tuned


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    Another example of a handicapped person rising above their disability and making the most of what life has to offer. Good post!

    A shining testitmonial to the fact that there is good in this world. I get bogged down in the evil sometimes. People in good health who would rather steal and abuse others than do an honest job and contribute to society. I don't understand when the line is crossed because virtually every baby starts off as seemingly good I think. It's nature and nurture combined but at some age people just start going bad and some truly get evil. Some get lazy and complacent, some just don't care. Any person can be a role model, any person can help another out. Make the best of what you have, you know, especially if you are reading this, there are folks who trully have far less than you.

    That was a long step off a large soapbox....rant over.
    Too soon we grow old, too late we grow wise

    "I once played notes so fast that light emanated from the strings whereupon, I saw God.... who then told me to relax and start playing music."

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    Roger That...JR
    Thanks for speaking my mind...

    Praise Be The Lord, My Rock, Who Trains My Hands For War, and My Fingers For Battle;

    "One of these days I'm gonna cut you up into little pieces."

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    Default Wow!!!

    What a talented, determined, and positive player! I forwarded a you-tube link of him to all my guitar playing friends.

    Hey, Wolfboy, it's ok to get irritated with the overwhelming wickedness in this old world from time to time. Thank God for the folks that choose to steer clear of that stuff as much as possible. It is hard because the root of it all is around us and in us also, but by His grace we can make it.
    Proverbs 17:22 says "A cheerful heart is good medicine..." So I could be overdosing. Alumnus of Jeff Beasley's Shred Warehouse Classroom; Steve Lasner's Bar Room Blues Workshop; & Les Wise's Fretboard Freedom Fighter Workshop. I'm fairly certain I forever will be simply a guitar student.

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