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    Default Fun Freebie for electric jammers

    I have mentioned "Mr. Fastfinger" several times in the past. Turns out Mr. Fastfinger has left his Dojo and released his very first CD. It's not free but....

    One of the cuts "Wax On, Wax Off," named in homage to Mr. Miagi of Karate Kid fame, is being offered as a freebie. Plus in one free download you get the tune itself, the tab in .pdf format and for no extra charge.... a backing track to play over. Lots of techniques are covered. About 10% is easy, 50% intermediate and 40% upperintermediate to advanced. Well worth a look.

    Go here: and download your waxing kit.
    (Watch the tab while you listen, enough style breaks to easily track them together)

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    Thanks for the Update...I love this Guy...

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